Accountancy & tax

Our accountants and tax consultants are at your disposal to assist you with all your accounting, auditing and taxation needs and to help you fulfil all the relevant legal formalities: 

  • Accountancy
  • Returns
  • Tax advice
  • Etc.

We assign a fixed contact to every client who follows up the file and is responsible for the process from start to finish and sees to it that you get the correct advice. 


Our experienced tax, legal and accounting experts help you to make the correct strategic choices by elaborating efficient and tax-friendly solutions when you are contemplating a reorganization, such as: 

  • A partial demerger of your real estate and business activities 
  • A merger
  • A holding structure
  • Transferring the family business to the next generation
  • A family charter
  • A partnership structure facilitating the participation of key staff
  • Liquidation
  • An association between liberal professionals
  • A ruling application
  • Etc.

Other than providing you with the best possible advice, we can also be of significant added value to you during the implementation of your plans.

merger, demerger, takeover, joint-venture, holding, charter, ruling application

Real estate structuring

Bringing real estate projects to a successful conclusion requires a proper understanding of what a project like this entails and of its possible benefits. On the basis of a vision and strategy for the future, experienced tax and financial experts will work out a detailed business plan, identifying all the various risks. Next, we work out a legal structure within which your project can operate. The ATA International team will guide you all the way:

  • Usufruct
  • Leasing
  • Right of superficies
  • Emphyteusis
  • Business plan and bank financing
  • Etc.
usufruct, right of superficies, emphyteusis, businessplan

Estate planning

ATA International offers legal and tax advice to allow you to plan your assets in function of your actual needs and wishes. Once we have become properly acquainted, we compile a statement of assets and liabilities to inventory your assets. On the basis of that statement, we calculate the inheritance tax.

Next, we elaborate a planning proposal, in line with your concrete wishes and options, via:

  • A marital property agreement, gift or will
  • Control vehicle: asset company, civil law partnership, trust foundation
  • Acquisitions split between parents and children
  • Etc.
trust foundation, gift, civil law partnership

Corporate Finance

Selling your business, buying a new business

The decision to sell your business, buy a new business, enter into a partnership, avail of (re)financing, may very well be one of the most important ones of your career. On that account, having a team of specialists you can truly rely on is not a luxury.

As a "one-stop shop", the multidisciplinary team of ATA international can assist you with every aspect of your transaction, be it tax-related, legal or financial:

  • Preparing the sales process
  • Assisting with the sale to a third party
  • Business plan
  • Guidance on how to attract external capital: memorandum
  • Drawing up contracts
  • Crowdfunding
  • (Re)financing


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