About us

Our office is located in Antwerp, near the Antwerp Airport, Berchem station and the main motorways to Brussels, Hasselt, Gent and the Netherlands, and is directed by Paul J. Martens.

We are working as auditors, accountants and tax consultants since 1970. Clients contact us for auditing, accountancy, tax and management assistance.

We offer complete services starting from the set up of a company through the day to day business.

A.T.A.’s clients are small or medium-sized enterprises, family-owned businesses and subsidiaries of international groups. More than 50% of our turnover results from international resources, either from Belgian customers who have created foreign companies outside Belgium or from in­ternational companies who have a branch or another commercial entity in Belgium.

We provide multidisciplinary services in businesses across all industries with links in Belgium, France, the Nether­lands, Germany, Austria, the U.K., Spain, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Slovakia and the USA.

Some of these clients are the global leader in their country for their core activities.

Clients are active in various business areas such as meat manufacturing, foods’ distribution, import and export companies, head-hunters, steel traders, car concessionaries, car body repairs, commerce in industrial cranes, real estate agencies, clothing business, etc…

The corporate governance law which forces companies to have independent advisers and auditors, will strengthen our relationship with the Big Four and will hopefully give us the opportunity to develop even more our international contacts.

We can also inform you that one of the partners is recognized as auditor for assignments by the European Community.

Most of the customers appreciate the multidisciplinary approach which allows them to have one contact person who can fall back on the team to answer specific or specialized questions.

Our services extend over a variety of fields such as audit, accountancy, corporate and personal in­come tax, VAT, legal services and financial reporting.

Getting the right tax and legal information at the right time is quite impor­tant as the world is changing so rapidly that traditional ways of financial reporting are no longer sufficient. In this way we can assist our clients with their management decisions.